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2021 Festival catch-up

By Jackie Kaines / 2nd November 2021

Ta daaa! Events from Berwick Literary Festival 2021 – the Friendly Festival in a Walled Town – are available for free catch-up on our YouTube channel

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Day three: Lit Fest notes & quotes

By Jackie Kaines / 16th October 2021

Words are at the heart of Berwick Literary Festival. Many of our speakers and contributors have fabulous books to their names which are available to buy from all good bookshops.

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Day two: notes & quotes

By Jackie Kaines / 15th October 2021

It’s always a privilege to chat to authors about their work and it was my turn to start proceedings at today’s Festival chatting with writer Vicky Allan and photographer Anna…

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We’re off! Day one: notes and quotes

By Jackie Kaines / 14th October 2021

First stop for me at this year’s Festival is Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Thomas Cromwell: a fresh look. I’m a huge fan of Hilary Mantel’s epic Wolf Hall trilogy, which miraculously breathes…

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Tom Murray, on his Creative Writing Workshop for the Berwick Literary Festival

By Mike Fraser / 9th October 2021

Anna Edgar writes: “Inspiring” is a word I have often heard used to describe Tom’s workshops.  And having attended some myself, I certainly agree. He describes himself as a facilitator,…

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Let’s celebrate words!

By Jackie Kaines / 8th October 2021

Berwick Literary Festival – The Friendly Festival in a Walled Town – commences on October 14 2021. We’re celebrating words – written, spoken, performed – with a fascinating and wide-reaching programme with all live, online events FREE – including Gordon Brown, Salley Vickers, William Dalrymple and Hollie McNish

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William Dalrymple – The Anarchy

By Mike Fraser / 4th October 2021

William is speaking at our festival on 17th October at 3 PM Anna Edgar writes: We are indeed fortunate to have William Dalrymple as one the speakers at this year’s…

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David Constantine: You can never settle down in language

By Jackie Kaines / 30th September 2021

David Constantine will read at Berwick Literary Festival from his new collection ‘Belongings’ on 17 October 2021 alongside Heidi Williamson and Tishani Doshi

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Berwick’s library with a view

By Jackie Kaines / 29th September 2021

Berwick Literary Festival (14-17 October 2021) is delighted to present Berwick’s own Little Free Library in association with Books by the (North) Sea.

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Vicky Allan: no guilt in reading, only pleasure

By Jackie Kaines / 10th September 2021

Vicky Allan and Anna Deacon will be live, free and online at Berwick Literary Festival 2021 in Northumberland speaking about their book ‘For the Love of Trees’

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