Berwick Literary Festival Schools’ Programme 2021

Radius 2021
Werewolf Club

A Project for Senior School Students

Students from Berwick Academy and other high schools in the Berwick area were invited to write a poem about a favourite place within 21 miles of the town, and to create a poetry film based on their writing.
We have selected some of these poetry films to feature in a compilation, to be published on the Festival YouTube channel. Winning students from Berwick Academy and Eyemouth High School each received a £25 prize and both schools received £250 to spend on fiction and poetry books for their school’s library.



Poetry Project for First and Special Schools

We have teamed up with brilliant writer Joseph Coelho for this project. Joseph starred in a live Zoom Webinar, reading some of his poems, answering questions from the children and setting them a poem writing challenge.
Schools were invited to send us some of their children’s writing, which featured in a special online celebration event. This was another Zoom Webinar, which featured Joseph reading his own poems and those sent in by the schools.
A video featuring poems by Joseph and the children will be published on the Festival YouTube channel.
Schools involved in this project also received complimentary copies of some of Joseph’s books.