Books by the Sea

 In the summer of 2021, supported by the Literary Festival steering group, the 12th Books by the Sea Little Library opened in the car park of the Little Beach, behind the pier in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Books by the Sea was dreamt up during lockdown, with hopeful themes of simple literacy beside the sea. It has been well received by locals and visitors and is tended by a Steward, who keeps it well stocked with all books stamped with Ex Libris.

In May 2022, with assistance from Northumberland County Council’s arts funding programme, a short film was made to celebrate Forecast (a pamphlet supporting Books by the Sea). The film celebrates the work of the stewards and supporters of this delightful initiative; and some of the writers and readers involved have already appeared at our previous Festivals. 

Please watch at

 @booksbythe sea_LFL and at Joan Montgomery (Steward)

    Google map of the location near the pier