Tom Murray, on his Creative Writing Workshop for the Berwick Literary Festival

Anna Edgar writes:

“Inspiring” is a word I have often heard used to describe Tom’s workshops.  And having attended some myself, I certainly agree. He describes himself as a facilitator, but he is more than that.  Through his encouragement and guidance, participants, both regulars and newcomers, find his sessions creative and empowering.

Tom’s sessions usually start with reading some examples of the type of writing we will focus on.  Tom encourages sharing our ideas and reactions to these texts, at the end of which we are ready to create our own piece of writing. And, like a successful recipe, by the end of the session, you find that you have actually produced a piece of writing.

When asked why he has chosen Flash Fiction for the festival workshop, Tom explains that this genre encompasses “all the basics of story-telling” – beginning and ending, structure and character – all in 250 words.  It promises to be a really fascinating exercise in “less is more”.  And, like all Tom’s workshops, it will be fun too.

Mike Fraser