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Our 7th annual festival

will be our first-ever online

15th-18th October 2020

At the start of 2020 it seemed that our 7th Festival in October would build upon the success of the 6th in 2019, when we saw a bigger and better than ever programme of events, with significantly higher attendances and a fast-growing proportion of visitors from well beyond Berwick and its hinterland. By March we had a complete schedule in view and a wider range of events, based in old and new venues, in line with our aim to support the town's economy, both cultural and business.
Within a month we realised that 2020 could not be a 'normal' festival but rather than leave a gap, we shall do the same as many other festivals and hold our events online over the planned weekend, only with fewer subject 'streams' and no parallel sessions.  I am delighted to say that almost every speaker asked has agreed to present online and in addition we have recruited some well-known 'names' who would have been unable to speak in person in Berwick.
So please bookmark this page, watch out for more information, but also look at the pages about Berwick under Your Visit as I hope we shall welcome you to the town in 2021.
Berwick is very proud of its vibrant literary heritage, attracting and inspiring renowned authors, poets and illustrators over many centuries.
Today, Berwick remains a hub of literary talent, home to many creative writers who help to perpetuate the town’s strong literary culture.


Some Participants reflect on our 2019 Festival:

Duncan Campbell:

Many thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed it a lot - a very friendly and receptive audience. You have all done a great job.

Tim Tate

A quick note to thank all at Berwick festival for asking me to speak – and for your amazing organisation. It was an absolute honour to be invited – and a very real pleasure to be there.

Katrina Porteous:

Berwick Literary Festival is a triumph. Thanks to everyone involved!


Salley Vickers was one of our most popular

speakers in 2019

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