Welcome to the Berwick Literary Festival website, as we prepare for our 7th Festival this autumn. It is a particular pleasure since this is my first year as Chair of the Steering Group and I am looking forward very much to this year’s event.

The Festival is a celebration of the word in all forms, much more than just a book festival. It encompasses poets and poetry; and yes, there is a weekend of talks by authors of national and international note; and as Berwick is fortunate in its residents, not a few of those well-known speakers are drawn from our community. Less obvious is the work undertaken in all the schools in the town, from first years to 6th forms, where the Festival provides free enrichment activities in the form of drama and poetry workshops.

The Festival is entirely organised by volunteers and generously supported by its Patrons and by sponsorship from local businesses, charities, and the Town Council. In turn, we seek to contribute to the cultural and economic life of our town, a place well worth a visit. Please take a moment to look through this site and I hope you will join us in October.

Michael Gallico
Chair of the Steering Group, Berwick Literary Festival

A message from Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

It gives me great pleasure to support the Berwick Literary Festival in its sixth year.  Each year the Festival has grown from strength to strength bringing opportunities for residents and visitors to enrich themselves with the written word, which is so lacking in this technological age in which we live.  The success of the Festival is a testament to the vision and organisation of the organisers whom I am deeply grateful for the literary profusion that they bring to the town.  This is a wonderful Festival and I hope that all will participate over the three days that it is on.

Anne Marie photo

A message from the Mayor Anne Forbes

On behalf of all the residents of Berwick upon Tweed and its Town Council, I am pleased to be able to welcome all those who will be visiting the sixth Berwick Literary Festival. The Literary Festival has quickly become an established part of the life of our Town. Long may it continue.