Writing tips from Berwick Literary Festival

Writing isn’t easy. Writing well is even harder. Getting published is harder still. That’s why new writers, tentative authors and amateur scribblers should join us in October to get lots of advice on how to make it big.

Our programme features a collection of fantastic sessions designed to help you get your ideas from your imagination onto the page. Whether you’ve already started writing or want tips on how to get going, our gang of experienced speakers will provide loads of advice to support you.

Just look at the list of sessions on offer:

· Novel writing vs screen writing with Barbara Morris

· Creative writing workshop with Bea Davenport

· Writing the short story with Margaret Skea

We are also holding a specialist session for children’s writing, with Eve Ainsworth considering how authors can tackle challenging issues in young adult fiction.

These workshops are the ideal place to get tips on shaping your ideas into fully formed stories, and taking your writing to the next level.

But what happens once you’ve written an amazing script or draft novel? The publishing industry, full of agents, editors, publishers and promoters, can be a daunting place for new writers, with many people put off by the complexities of the bookselling machine. That’s why we’re hosting two great sessions to help you unravel its mysteries. Alistair McCleery’s ‘what are authors worth?’ session will look at the value of the writer in the publishing process, while Sheila Wakefield’s ‘how to get published’ workshop will identify the key steps to get from first draft to publication.

So, if your short story idea is still on your mind or you’ve been tinkering with that novel for a while, join us in October to get the inspiration you need to finally finish it.

Dawn Tindle