What does honesty look like?

We have the privacy of access to our own minds, but what would it be like to give a truly honest account of ourselves? This was a theme Jessie Greengrass kept coming back to in her discussion with Nolan Dalrymple.

Jessie studied philosophy at university but started to write fiction as she became increasingly less interested in the problems of philosophy, and more interested in what it’s actually like to think about those problems. She is essentially trying to shed some light on how we make the decisions we make, and – having made those decisions – how we might explain, or justify them, to ourselves, and to others.

Jessie went on to talk about the publishing industry, and the way it has become ‘prize-driven’. Much like everything else, I guess. She then disclosed that she is currently working on a novel set in a coastal town and will deal with climate change and the destruction of coastal communities.

It was a thought-provoking event. Jessie is an unassuming person with an interesting take on the human condition. We are lucky to have her with us.

Madeleine Ferrar