Our Festival – an Up-date


October 15th to October 18th 2020

We are in the fortunate position of having a full programme planned so we are still working on the assumption that our Festival will be able to present a fascinating group of speakers in October this year and welcome visitors to the town.  The topics include history, poetry, fiction, climate change, veganism, biography, the book trade, and gardening, all presented in historic venues.  We are very sorry to see our neighbouring festivals cancelled or postponed, which makes it more important that Berwick holds out hope. Meanwhile please take care and we hope to see you in October. 

Some Participants reflect on our 2019 Festival:

Katrina Porteous:

Berwick Literary Festival is a triumph. Thanks to everyone involved!

Duncan Campbell:

Many thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed it a lot – a very friendly and receptive audience. You have all done a great job.

Tim Tate

A quick note to thank all at Berwick festival for asking me to speak – and for your amazing organization. It was an absolute honour to be invited – and a very real pleasure to be there.

Salley Vickers was a very popular speaker in 2019

Mike Fraser