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Katy Brand

Katy Brand is promoting her book ‘I Carried A Watermelon’ in the Guildhall at 2 pm on Sunday, 20 October. It centres on her lifelong obsession with the 1987 film, ‘Dirty Dancing’.

‘The book is part memoir, part homage to a film that’s managed to somehow be a shaping force over me and all my choices since I first watched it in the summer of 1990’ (Katy Brand, Daily Express, 09.10.19)

I haven’t seen ‘Dirty Dancing’, but the above statement made me think of Damian Barr’s memoir ‘Maggie and Me’. (Barr has written poignantly about growing up in working class Motherwell. As a gay young man, he had an obsession with Margaret Thatcher. This may sound unpromising, but it is worth a read.)

Madeleine Ferrar