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Vicky Allan and Anna Deacon ~ For The Love Of Trees: How people and trees have changed each other

15th October 2021, 10:00 am-11:00 am
Zoom Webinar

Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan have long been fascinated by the impact that time spent in green and blue spaces has on us.  In For The Love Of Trees, they have brought together tales from across the UK of how people’s lives have been altered by trees. A big tree-hug of a talk.

Anna and Vicky will be interviewed by Jackie Kaines-Lang

Photo credit: Anna Moffat Photography

‘If this tree could talk, what would it tell me about all of the love, the hate, the kisses, the tears, the passion, that it’s witnessed beneath it?’ Chris Packham

Instagram @wildswimmingstories @allan_vicky
Twitter @vicky_allan @annadeacon

This session is presented in association with the Friends of Castle Parks, Berwick upon Tweed. More information is available here

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This session is also presented in association with Explore – Lifelong Learning in Newcastle upon Tyne. More information is available here


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