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Tim Tate ~ The Spy Who Was Left Out in the Cold

16th October 2021, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Michał Goleniewski was a Colonel in both Polish intelligence and the KGB, and one of the West’s most important, yet least understood, spies of the Cold War, exposing many Soviet Bloc agents and Communist espionage rings. However, he was later abandoned by Western intelligence after falsely claiming to be the Tsarevich Alexi Romanoff.

More information about Tim is available here

‘Totally gripping . . . a masterpiece. Tate lifts the lid on one of the most important and complex spies of the Cold War, who passed secrets to the West and finally unmasked traitor George Blake.’
HELEN FRY, author of MI9: A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two

‘A wonderful and at times mind-boggling account of a bizarre and almost forgotten spy – right up to the time when he’s living undercover in Queens, New York and claiming to be the last of the Romanoffs.’
SIMON KUPER, author of The Happy Traitor

‘A highly readable and thoroughly researched account of one of the Cold War’s most intriguing and tragic spy stories.’ OWEN MATTHEWS, author of An Impeccable Spy

This session is presented in association with the Berwick Educational Association. More information is available here