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Steve Richards ~ The Prime Ministers We Never Had – From Butler to Corbyn

17th October 2021, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Ten Chapters and Eleven Prime Ministers We Never Had. Why did those that seemed so close to seizing  the crown fail to do so…or were they as close as they seemed? Steve Richards explores the soaring hopes and dashed ambitions of political figures who were for a time as talked about as the Prime Ministers…and highlights the lessons of leadership that arise from their Shakespearean rise and fall.’

Steve will be interviewed by Gerry Foley

This event is very kindly being sponsored by Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors Greaves, West and Ayre

Steve is the author of The Prime Ministers We Never Had: Success and Failure from Butler to Corbyn

‘Excellent… Steve Richards is one of the shrewdest political commentators we have.’ – Andrew Marr

‘A better and more thought-provoking book than most of those about prime ministers.’ – Tim Shipman

‘With Steve Richards applying his deep knowledge and firm political grasp we get a book that is as entertaining as it is elucidating.’ – Alan Johnson

‘A gallery of losers, in one sense. But these are losers of rare political talent. With his usual insight, Steve Richards considers the fortunes of political stars who never made it to Number Ten… illuminating and entertaining.’ – Huw Edwards

‘A brilliant and fascinating reminder of all the big beasts who could have led the country.’ – Ayesha Hazarika

‘A fascinating and original book that sheds new light on the forces that shape British politics.’ – Iain Dale

‘A story of slamming doors and sliding doors. Terrific insights on the great prime ministers we didn’t have from one of shrewdest political commentators we’re lucky to have.’ – Jon Sopel

‘A compelling account of the nearly men and women of Number 10. Steve Richards is a must-read writer on politics, with the rare talent of being both fun and informative.’ – John Crace

‘Britain’s unusually capricious system of selecting its prime ministers means some very gifted leaders have been left on the shelf. There is no one better qualified than Steve Richards to blow away the cobwebs, and to tell us which of them might have made better prime ministers than the rum lot we sometimes got.’ – Sir Anthony Seldon, author of The Impossible Office

‘Insightful and entertaining. Steve Richards remains among the brightest and best of British writers and broadcasters.’ – Nick Timothy, former Downing Street chief of staff 

‘A thoughtful and compelling book… the chapters on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are the jewels in the crown, but the entire set glitter.’ – Stephen Bush, The Observer on The Prime Ministers

‘Brilliant.’ – Independent on The Prime Ministers

‘A fascinating read… Steve’s writing is revealing and entertaining.’ – John Humphrys on The Prime Ministers *

‘A pure pleasure to read. In Richards’ bright, sharp portraits of nine prime ministers, all our modern history springs to life. An enlightening retrospective.’ –  Polly Toynbee on The Prime Ministers

This session is presented in association with the Berwick Educational Association. More information is available here