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Jen Gale: The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide – Everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference

17th October 2020, 4:00 pm-5:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Jen is an ordinary, knackered mum of two who writes and podcasts about all things sustainable(ish). Join her as she shares easy eco-friendly tips and sustainable(ish) swaps YOU can make, and why we all need to embrace the ‘ish’ in sustainable(ish).

Jen writes: I spent a year buying nothing new with my young family and for me this was a real wake up call, It made me lift my head and look around from the constant demands to buy new stuff to upgrade. I saw the mess we were making of the planet. And it terrifies me. It taught me that our choices matter. That as just one pretty ordinary family we could create change.


This session is presented in association with the Northern Soul Kitchen (click for further information)


Jen’s website:  www.asustainablelife.co.uk

See also: www.facebook.com/mymakedoandmendlife