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Henry Gow

Harry McCallion: The Undercover War in Northern Ireland – Britain’s Special Forces and their battle against the IRA

18th October 2020, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Harry served with the Parachute Regiment, underwent selection for 14 Intelligence Company, and completed six years with the SAS, including two tours with their anti-terrorism team. He received two commendations for bravery during service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Thus he is uniquely placed to tell us this astonishing story.

Harry will be interviewed by Lt Colonel Keith Montgomery, Royal Engineers.


This event is generously sponsored by Premier Building & Restoration, of Berwick upon Tweed

Born in Glasgow, Harry McCallion joined the army after leaving school. In a varied and exciting military career he served with the Parachute Regiment, South Africa’s elite Recce Commandos and 22 SAS. After leaving the army in 1985 he joined the RUC, but left in 1990 after a near-fatal car crash. Subsequent to this he studied law and was called to the Bar. Now a working barrister and writer he has recently received his Master’s Degree in International Relations. His autobiography Killing Zone was an immediate bestseller.