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Eric Thompson MBE with his new book 'On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service

Eric Thompson – On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service

18th October 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Holy Trinity Parish Centre

Tickets £6

Eric Thompson MBE was born and educated in Coatbridge in Scotland, joined the Royal Navy at seventeen, served in five submarines during the Cold War and completed his career in charge of Britain’s principal nuclear submarine base at Faslane. His thought-provoking, often hilarious, autobiography, On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service, gives an inspirational insight into his ultra-secretive world.

‘On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service’ was runner up in the 2018
Mountbatten Best (Maritime) Book Award. The adjudicators gave it the
following citation:

‘Written in a reflective style, the book describes the changing
operational imperatives and priorities in the Submarine Service over
three decades. The author guides the reader through the technical
aspects of the development of nuclear submarines, and vividly conveys a
sense of life on board for crews entrusted with such a critical
responsibility. Presented with humility, humour, and political and
technical awareness this remarkable book provides a succinct insight
into the daily reality of maintaining nuclear deterrence.’

US Radio book programme interview:


(a quote: ‘Have just listened to your interview on Radio USA. Thank you
for saying it as it was, and probably still is. Book is now on my
Christmas list.’ Charlie Hayward)

A few of the multitude of good reviews the book has received:


‘Just a brief line to congratulate the author for ‘On Her Majesty’s
Nuclear Service’. I really enjoyed it and, among other things, have
seldom seen such a clear exposition of why we won the Cold War.’
Admiral Mike Harris


‘This might seem slightly surprising as I am a retired Army officer and
active in anything to do with getting rid of our nuclear deterrent! I
had only intended to read the chapters dealing with the deterrent.
However, as I found it so well written I decided to read the whole book.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author had a fascinating career. I thank
him for writing an excellent book.’
Major General Patrick Cordingley OBE DSO FRGS

(Commander of the Desert Rats during the First Gulf War)

‘I thought the book brilliant and certainly an eye opener as to what the
RN and Submarine Service was like during the Cold War era. It was also
well written and very readable.’

Alistair Roach (Society for Nautical Research)

‘It is one of the best naval biog/recollection books I have read in the
last 10 years. It was funny, touching and fascinating all at the same
time, a real feeling of personal authenticity.  I get to see a lot of
naval books in this job but I think this is one of the best.’
Captain Paul Quinn, naval book reviewer

‘Have read the book from cover to cover thoroughly enjoyed it. The last
patrol was when I had my suspected heart attack and was asked if the
worst happened did I want to be kept in the deep freeze or be buried at

Tony Asbridge (former shipmate of the author in HMS Revenge)

‘It’s been an immense pleasure and privilege to work with you on your
book, one of our great recent successes. I hope Casemate may have the
opportunity to do so again in the future. You need to write another
non-fiction book on a military topic!’

Clare Litt (Publishing Director, Casemate UK)

‘Very much enjoyed ‘On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service’ – both the clear
writing style, the information in it and how you bring the people to
life. (Still laughing over leek in the Captain’s cabin.).’

Caroline Bott (Goodreads.com)

‘I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!  The book was a really good read
and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m not an avid reader, and it’s quite
rare for me to say ‘I couldn’t put it down’, but I couldn’t.’

Jan Martin

‘Amazing. Can’t put it down but must get to bed. Thought I would stop
at the foreword but, intriguingly written, I who know nothing about
subs, the Cold War etc etc want to find out more!’

Jan Ditchfield

‘Terrific book. I enjoyed it very much and gave it five Kindle stars. I
enjoyed seeing the Service through the eyes of someone passionate

Angela Tyack

‘Am still falling off my chair having read Page 96. The best RN dit

Mike Critchley (author, maritime tour guide, former naval

‘If I could, I would MAKE every Politician/CND person read it. The best
buy I have ever made.’

Mike Hawkins

‘I saw it promoted in the Daily Mail and it really is an excellent read.
The text flows along like a full-powered nuclear submarine. It is a
fascinating read. It is brilliant.’
Frank Farmer (former publisher)

For more information consult: http://commodoreericthompson.co.uk