Berwick Literary Festival Blog

A true aficionado

By Madeleine Ferrar / 20th October 2019

Simon Frith has been collecting records and going to gigs for over 50 years. He gave us an engaging insight into his life as a journalist-cum-academic. When asked by Sion (Mule on Rouge) whether – after all these years – he still enjoyed hearing live music, he replied, ‘There’s no experience like it for me.’…

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Tidekettle Papermaking Demonstration

By Madeleine Ferrar / 19th October 2019

This was a fascinating event, delivered by Lucy Baxandall of Tidekettle Paper. we learnt that it was the Chinese who invented papermaking, that papyrus doesn’t qualify as paper, and that it’s the Japanese and the Koreans who have taken papermaking to a whole new level. Lucy showed us how to make Japanese paper and gave…

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‘If you want peace, be ready for war’

By Madeleine Ferrar / 19th October 2019

Eric Thompson quoted from the Romans (above) in his preamble. He went on to read from his recent autobiography, in which he gave a personal account of his career in the Royal Navy, a career which culminated in his being in charge of Britain’s nuclear submarine base in Faslane. I arrived late to this event…

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What does honesty look like?

By Madeleine Ferrar / 18th October 2019

We have the privacy of access to our own minds, but what would it be like to give a truly honest account of ourselves? This was a theme Jessie Greengrass kept coming back to in her discussion with Nolan Dalrymple. Jessie studied philosophy at university but started to write fiction as she became increasingly less…

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The 2019 Berwick Literary Festival

By Mike Fraser / 17th October 2019

Award-winning writers, sex scandals, Vikings, Nazis, otters, criminals and Dirty Dancing – the 2019 festival has something for everyone! The 2019 festival begins with the annual Wilson’s Tales show and ends on Sunday at 4 PM when Max Adams discusses the Vikings who invaded Northumbria – have they been unfairly treated by historians? Between these…

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It’s not just about books

By Madeleine Ferrar / 14th October 2019

Just had the most delicious lunch at Cafe Tartine. I got talking to Michael Rath, their chef, at this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival. He was there to meet his friend, the Irish author, Anne Griffin (‘When all is said’, Sceptre), and he invited me to visit some time. Strange – and wonderful – how one…

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Catering at the Berwick Visitor Centre

By Mike Fraser / 11th October 2019

Our new venue will be open from 9-30 AM on the Saturday and the Sunday of the festival offering coffee, tea and home baking. At lunch-time why not try their soup and pudding combination – all home-made of course!

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Better than half price

By Madeleine Ferrar / 8th October 2019

Katy Brand and Andrew Lownie are booked to appear in both the Guildford Book Festival (6-15 October) and our Berwick Literary Festival (not together, as a double act. That would be weird.) The good news is that a ticket to see Katy Brand in Berwick costs £6, while in Guildford it will set you back…

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A Tribute to a major Berwick Poet – Vincenza Holland

By Mike Fraser / 4th October 2019

Rachel Holland, Vincenza’s daughter, will read from her mother’s new collection of poems at the festival’s Poetry Open Mic session on 19th October 10:00 am – 11:30 am in the Visitor Centre (upstairs). This is a FREE Event. No booking is required but please note that this session is upstairs and there is no lift available. Tenancy…

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Festival Fringe

By Madeleine Ferrar / 1st October 2019

Just put my name down for Lucy Baxandall’s papermaking demonstration. Sounds fascinating.

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