Berwick Literary Festival Blog

My very first blog

By Madeleine Ferrar / 2nd September 2019

September now, so time to get serious and start my blog. A quick look through the programme, and a few things stand out: Jessie Greengrass (just finished reading her novel); Martin’s the Printers (fascinated by anything to do with printing); Duncan Campbell (personal recommendation); Dewa and Jackie (anything that involves food tasting has got to…

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By Mike Fraser / 11th July 2019

With some well-known names coming to the Berwick Literary Festival this autumn, Mike Fraser, one of the programme organisers, was interviewed by Michael Gallico, next year’s Chair of the Steering Group. Tell me more about the Festival  We’re in our sixth year and proud to be part of Berwick’s exciting Autumn Festival season.  It’s run…

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Festival Highlights

By Mike Fraser / 10th July 2019

Once again, the Berwick Literary Festival is proud to welcome acclaimed local, national and international contributors. Here are some highlights of this year’s exciting programme to whet your appetite. Fiction is especially strong this year with Salley Vickers, Chris Mullin and  James Runcie promoting their latest novels, while Berwick-based Jessie Greengrass will discuss her debut…

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John Mackay Wilson – Tales of the Borders in the Berwick Advertiser once again!

By Mike Fraser / 30th September 2018

“Health and Home are Powerful Magnets”. John Mackay Wilson – the Writer of Tales of the Borders and Editor of the Berwick Advertiser 1832-1835 The Editor of the Advertiser is publishing weekly Tales of the Borders. In doing so he is following in the footsteps of one of his most distinguished predecessors as Mike Fraser…

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Plays and Prose and Poetry

By Wendy Errington / 1st November 2017

This is my seventh and final blog as guest blogger for Berwick Literary Festival. My debut gig as a literary festival blogger comes to a close. And as I reflect on this opportunity at the age of 58, it’s another indicator of… it’s never too late and you’re never too old. This blog will cover…

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In Conversation With…

By Wendy Errington / 29th October 2017

In Conversation With… Stephanie Butland, Caroline Roberts, Dave Randall and Colin Young. Not all at once. They constituted three, out of the nine, events I chose to attend last weekend, from 20 – 22 October, at Berwick Literary Festival 2017. Two of the interviewers were Victoria Watson and Helen Wright – local women who were…

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A Cartoon History of Berwick… or The Ballad of Steven Seagull

By Wendy Errington / 23rd October 2017

The official start to the Berwick Literary Festival 2017 was in the Guildhall, on Friday 20 October at 7pm. The chandeliers were sparkling; velvet curtains draping and a big crowd was gathering. Michael Wright, chair of the festival’s steering group and the town mayor, Gregah Roughed, made their formal welcomes and introductions… and then legendary Ian…

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Ode Again

By tricia Coxon / 23rd October 2017

ODE AGAIN Saturday. BLF Well this be it. My Ode day. There’s a little flutter of excitement as I head off to St Aidan’s Hall for a workshop entitled In Praise of the Ode to be facilitated by Anne Ryland, award winning poet and teacher, We were a group of twelve and Anne wasted no…

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Wordsmiths, Mindshifts and Moving Pictures

By tricia Coxon / 22nd October 2017

Wordsmiths, Mind Sets and Moving Pictures Friday at BLF In a packed session at Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Mary Manley the founder of a treasured wordsmith sanctuary in Alnwick, aka Barter Books, gave a witty and informative account of the development of her second hand bookshop based in the old railway station. Mary talked about…

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Mary Manley, Barter Books and Mantras

By Wendy Errington / 21st October 2017

So, day one of my very first literary festival up in Berwick… and my first as a festival blogger. Score out of ten so far? Ten. The festival’s twitter account describes it correctly… it is small and friendly, with the bonus of not being in a tent and being in a historic walled town. I’ll add: with winding alleyways, stylish shops and…

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