A true aficionado

Simon Frith has been collecting records and going to gigs for over 50 years. He gave us an engaging insight into his life as a journalist-cum-academic. When asked by Sion (Mule on Rouge) whether – after all these years – he still enjoyed hearing live music, he replied, ‘There’s no experience like it for me.’

Towards the end, the discussion turned to the difference between live opera, as opposed to cinema screenings, and how this phenomenon can be compared to the live streaming of pop music by fans to the bedrooms of their mates back at home.

To finish, Sion brought grime into the mix, and asked Simon whether it could be classified as classical (arty), folk (authentic, location-based) or pop (commercial). The answer: like all decent music, it embraces all three.

This was an excellent event, made all the better by Sion’s competent chairmanship. He looked as though he’d been doing it for years.

Madeleine Ferrar